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First book by bassist player Francisco Falcon, developed through his Master's research at UNIRIO, through the professional master's program PROEMUS. Aimed at intermediate level musicians or even professional musicians who have a musical relationship with the double bass lines, and initially addresses the language of Choro's accompaniment. The work also addresses the history of this musical genre and its origins, in addition to the relationship with the 7-string guitar. The book shows that it is possible for these two instruments to live together, but also what the double bass can do alone, in the absence of the 7-string guitar.

The publication also features a song by Francisco Falcon himself, entitled "Contrabaixo Chorão", as well as arrangements in duets for five Choro classics: "Brejeiro", "Iara", "Apanhei-te Cavaquinho", "Tico Tico no Fubá "," Flor Amorosa "and" Odeon ". This book comes in play-along format, containing sheet music, exercises in digital format (link to download).